Pork Among Friends

Sunday was Ramen Day at Salt of the Earth! The third Sunday of every month, Salt's chefs brew a potent broth and serve it with delicious stuff like barely-cooked eggs, pork belly, fish cakes, scallions, and noodles. My beloved's pre-occupation with ramen has rubbed off on me -- we've tried at least a dozen ramen places in New York -- and it is lovely to be able to get some in the Burgh!

I met up with three of my favorite fellas -- Skyler, Matt, and Brian -- and we chowed down.

One of the best things about moving back to Pittsburgh a few years ago is that two of my best and oldest friends moved back here around the same time! So we get to see each other lots, and it is rad. Matt and I have been making these faces at each other non-stop since college. So much fun.

What a happy surprise to end up in the same town with 3 of my 4 besties! Nora, you're next!