Be Less Crazy About Your Body

I wrote a short e-book called Be Less Crazy About Your Body in 2012 and people are still buying it and emailing me about it to say that it helped them. Maybe it will help you, too! 

You can get a copy of this for free by signing up for my mailing list, or you can click here if you want to pay $3 for it. Here's the blurb: 

The Dalai Lama famously said, “The world will be saved by Western women.” But not while we’re worrying about our cankles!

Be Less Crazy About Your Body is a manifesto and an instruction manual. Because we twenty-first century ladies are rocking it out in many many ways … but we also still have a lot of leftover mental baggage around beauty and bodies and how we need to look in order to be of value. This little book was written to help you feel more rational and relaxed about all of that. 

Be Less Crazy so you can be more of whatever you want to be.



A few years ago, I picked up a paintbrush for the first time since high school. It's so much fun! You can see some of my artwork on my Instagram and on Society6, where you can also order stuff with my images on them. How about this backpack? HEART EYES

Wear the Shift

Wear the Shift was a company I ran with my friend Kelly, where we made custom shift dresses for folks of all sizes from vintage and eco-friendly fabrics. You can see a bunch of adorable people wearing our dresses here

It was a heckin' ambitious business model, and though we had to close up shop after three years to get real jobs again, I have to say it was worth it. Why? Because I got to

  • learn how to make dresses
  • learn how to design patterns
  • do some deep thinking on why the fashion industry for fat girls sucks so bad
  • shop for soooo much crazy vintage fabric
  • listen to Robyn's Body Talk like all day every day for months on end

You can read through the old Wear the Shift site here. I'm slowly but surely trying to restore all the pictures.