Reading, Wine, and Real Talk

Last Thursday night, I read a few chapters from my book to a couple dozen dazzling people at Gypsy Tattoo Parlor. Of course I had to make a new dress and wear my favorite shoes and then dance around weirdly after it was all over.

When you start talking about body image, there is always the potential for things to quickly devolve into fat talk or diet plan discussion or exercise tips, and I was a little afraid that might happen, but it totally didn't! Instead, we had a really honest and hilarious conversation that I enjoyed so much.

Seriously. If I could find a way to assemble such a lovely group of people and talk with them about deep shit every single night of my life, I would totally do it.

Yay! Thank you to everyone who came! And for those who weren't there, we did record the talk and will be putting it up on the interwebz soon.

And big thanks to Michelle and Mere for hosting, to Jolene and Matty for taking pics, and to Rich for recording! Let's take this show on the road!