There's a New Gypsy In Town! And a Reading Next Week!

So, my dear friend and WTS cover girl Michelle and her partner Mere have opened up a tattoo shop! Welcome to the world, Gypsy Tattoo Parlor!

Unlike every other tattoo shop I've seen, it's so clean and fresh inside! Like a spa!

I'm so excited for them, and also for me, because it's really fun to be able to go hang out with my pals. It kind of reminds me of when Michelle and I first met almost 20 years ago. We worked at a little hippie store and basically talked non-stop for 40 hours a week. Just like we are doing here when we're supposed to be posing for the camera. Good times.

(That's a new dress I made for the 4th of July, by the way. Love!)

I gotta admit, I'm not much of a tattoo person, but if I was, Michelle and Mere would definitely be the ones inking me up. Here's where my imaginary tattoo would go:

I love how the shop is full of pictures of historical painted ladies, too. You REALLY had to be a badass to get tattooed back then!

And hey, did you see the little pink poster in the window up above!? That's me! I'm doing a reading at Gypsy Tattoo Parlor next Thursday at 7 pm (July 19th). We'll read the intro to my book and drink some wine and talk about stuff. Doesn't that sound fun?

I hope you can come!! Maybe get a tattoo?