Bye bye PayPal, Hello Etsy

So, Wednesday was fun! We launched our beta skirts and, at the exact same time, our PayPal integration started working on only about 20% of our orders! Woo hoo! We have been working on this problem ever since with limited success -- since we didn't change anything in the way we accessed PayPal, we are kind of at a loss as to why it's suddenly failing. We appreciate you guys being willing to bear with us through this, but it's clear that our current process is not sustainable.

How to solve the problem when it doesn't appear to be in our sphere of influence? Switch to Etsy and let them handle it!

So, this holiday weekend, Kelly and I will be declaring our independence from PayPal and moving our shop over to Etsy. When we unveil the finished product, it will look different from the site we have now, but it will, you actually allow you to BUY STUFF, which is the most important thing.

To start, we've listed our last 3 beta skirts on Etsy, so if you want to get in on the beta test, you can do so HERE.

Thanks again for hanging with us through our growing pains. We love you!