Traveling Light, Wearing the Shift

Since Kelly and I started Wear the Shift, I've taken a couple of trips -- a few visits back to New York, a weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and two glorious weeks in Scotland over Christmas. Each time, I was struck by how easy it was to travel with my shifts. Of course, I live in these little dresses and have more of them than just about anyone (though a few of our customers are catching up!), so I tend to pack several. But even just one can get you through your trip with minimal muss/fuss and maximum cuteness/comfiness.

Let's say you're roadtripping to visit friends in a nearby city. You leave Thursday night and come back on Sunday with these items in your bag:

* A shift * A pair of jeans * A long sleeved tee * A cardigan * A pair of leggings

In the car, and out to dinner with your pals on Thursday night, you wear: * Shift * Leggings * Cardigan

Friday, you wash Thursday's outfit in the sink (if you are clean) or hang it up to air out (if you are me) and go sightseeing in: * Long sleeved tee * Jeans * Pigtails

Saturday it gets chilly, so you layer up: * Long sleeved tee * Cardigan * Shift * Jeans

Sunday you head out to brunch and drive back home in: * Shift * Leggings

Add a nightie, your drawers, and your toiletries, and you're still carrying, like, the smallest weekend bag ever, and you have plenty of fashion options.

On longer trips, the effect is even more pronounced because of the power of multiplication. 3 shifts x 3 tops x 3 bottoms = 27 unique outfits. I packed a little more than that for Scotland -- 5 or 6 shifts, some tights, a few jackets for layering. But I still had plenty of room in my bag to bring home some new cashmere and wee Nessies.

When I'm dealing with lots of uncertainty and changes of venue, I really appreciate the simplicity of this approach. Whether I'm hanging around my room, going to a party, or taking a trans-Atlantic flight, I can wear the same comfortable and cute clothes. Having spent many hours over many years wringing my hands over what to pack and what to wear, this feels like a huge luxury to me!

What about you? Have you traveled with your shift or another beloved, always-perfect garment? Leave a comment and tell us all about it!