Skirt beta! Here we go!!

Creating new stuff is our favorite thing to do, and launching it is our second favorite, so you can imagine that we are beyond psyched to invite you to our Skirt Beta today! Here's what some of our alpha testers have to say about their skirts.

Our beta test has one major goal: to get some skirts onto some ladies and hear what said ladies think about said skirts. This kind of feedback is incredibly valuable to any company but especially to us ... and we are willing to offer you a great deal in order to get it:

In exchange for your feedback, you will get two custom-made skirts for the price of one!

Here's how it will work.

1) You purchase a skirt from our Beta Skirt shopping page (link is below). Put in your measurements within a week, please -- all we need is your waist measurement, your hip measurement, and your height.

2) We will ask for your feedback within a week of receiving your skirt. This will include filling out a questionnaire and sending us a few pictures of you in your skirt.

3) Once we get your feedback, we will send you a coupon code for $49 so you can get a free 2nd skirt! Or you can apply it to anything else on the site, too.

Please note: In order for you to get your coupon code, we must receive your completed questionnaire and pictures within a week.

If this sounds fun to you

... and you're not the type to get a lot of library fines, then sign up by grabbing the fabric of your choice HERE.

If this sounds like a lot of rules to you

... or you don't have easy access to a camera to take pics of yourself, or you're a bit of an anarchist, we still love you! But you should prolly wait till we launch skirts live -- it won't be long now!

Thanks so much -- we are excited and hope you are, too. Now go pick your fabric and let's get this beta started! (Please note that the Skirt Beta is closed now.)