A Few New Fabrics

We have some cute new fabrics this week that we'd like to introduce you to:

First up is this beauty, Spring Posies.  It has a nice weight and drape to it, and is going to make an adorable and flattering dress. Here in Pittsburgh we're sitting in the cold and snow...but those of you in warmer climates who are uncouth enough to wear white before Memorial Day (or is late-January after Labor Day?) should consider this adorable border print.
Ah, 1981. Much of my childhood looked like this... the End of Analog is a charming soft twill with a dotty diagonal plaid.
It's a party in here...a 1920s party! It Got Crowded in Here will be such a great slip: you could easily wear it under a lightweight light-colored dress, but it looks just as adorable on its own as a nightgown. Plus...the mustachios!
Cheery CherriesOn the other end of the subdued spectrum is Cheery Cherries. It's a delightfully wabi sabi fabric...it isn't perfect, but we can't help but love it. You won't be able to wear it under your featherweight white shift...but under something heavier, it'll keep your tights from sticking to your skirt (and you'll look adorable in the process).

There are a few additional fabrics up in the shop, too. Let us know what you like! And if you don't see what you like — let us know that too!