Say Hi to Hempcel: Soft and Strong

We've been testing a variety of organic fabrics, and it's been a challenge to find something with the right balance of economy, environmental footprint, and overall cuteness... One of our first good finds is this Hempcel®. It's a blend of 55 percent hemp and 45 percent lyocell. It's made in China by workers who are paid a living wage and it's dyed with low-impact dyes.

Other reasons to like this fabric include:

  • Hemp is an easy-to-grow fiber that requires little processing — and it's tough as nails. If hemp was a woman, she'd be Rosie the Riveter.
  • Lyocell adds a softness and drape that's really flattering. Lyocell is made from beech trees in a closed-loop rayon process, which means the chemicals used in processing are recycled and reused, rather than discarded.

Together they make a fabric that's like your favorite pair of jeans — rugged, chic and effortless.

We have this in olive green and black. As a ginger person, the olive is my favorite — everything I own matches this dress, and I expect it to last forever.


(My dress is really short — we only ordered a yard for initial's also one of my absolute favorites and makes any casual outfit a little bit cuter. Your dress will be proportionately longer.)