How the beta test is going so far

It's been about 2 weeks since we launched Wear the Shift in beta -- 2 very busy, slightly nerve-wracking, and strangely fun weeks. About half of the beta test orders are in, and all of those are in production. We will we sending out the first batch in just a few days! Of course, there have been some blerps -- exactly the kind of stuff we hoped to run into during the beta test, so we could learn how to deal with it.

As things crop up, my tendency is to freak out -- what if we run into a problem we can't solve? The stakes feel high! I know we're just making dresses, but they are dresses that I love. It surprises me how much I want to see them out there, bringing cuteness to the people. So I really, really want to make it work, and so does Kelly.

The funny thing is, we're not freaking out. Instead we've been seeing everything as a chance to learn. Thanks to the infusion of cash, enthusiasm, and ideas from our Kickstarter backers, we have a little time to work out all the little logistical stuff. Which is amazingly helpful, and for which we are super grateful.

What kinds of things are we learning? What people are attracted to fabric-wise. How to organize the way we do our work. How to get folks the information they need to get the dress they want. Who to buy zippers from. How to photograph fabrics so you get a sense of what they'll be like in person. Every day we go home with brains full of stuff to digest and ideas to try.

So ... the test is going exactly as we hoped it would. Experience points. We like it!