My Best Thrift Score

... is this orange coat. It's clearly from the 60s, high quality wool lined with satin, and incredibly warm. Almost too warm, sometimes, but as you can see I needed it today as winter blew back through the Burgh.

I got it at Red, White, & Blue about 5 years ago, and it was $3 because it had a giant gross stain on the front. One trip to the cleaners later, it was good as new.

I love it because most winter coats are black or navy or gray or something. This tangerine stands out. Oh yeah, and isn't it the color of the year or something? Go me!

Underneath this treasure, I have on my Eddie Vedder flannel shift, some turquoise sweater tights, a sweater from Uniqlo, and my trusty Merrell boots which are the best winter boots I have ever had.

What's your best thrift score?