Up, Up and Away

Did you get up to anything fun this weekend? I sure did! Friday night, my fella and I went to try Union Pig and Chicken where the fried chicken was so good it made my eyes roll backwards in my head.

Then we went to see Daptone recording artist Charles Bradley, who basically burned down the Rex with pure love. AMAZING. Plus he did Robyn's call-your-girlfriend/hump-the-stage move!

Saturday, we finally picked a date for our wedding and began scouring the web for honeymoon hideaways. We found a great place in Costa Rica and I can't wait to hug a bunch of monkeys!!

So, yes, a great weekend. Plus the sun is shining in Pittsburgh today! Normally such an overflowing of joy would result in my wearing a crazy ass outfit ... but our car is busted and I'm on the bus, so I'm containing my enthusiasm to a hot air balloon necklace and a big cheesy grin.

Whatcha up to this week?