Diamonds and Cashmere

The title of this post might be slightly misleading -- my diamonds are the argyle kind. For some reason, this Atomic Argyle shift reminds me of the very vintage game show Card Sharks -- maybe it's the red and blue.

The cashmere part is no lie, though. I got this pullover from Uniqlo for very few dollars compared to the number of times I've worn it. So warm!

The oxfords came from Flirt, my favorite boutique in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn. I stalked them from over $100 to under $50, and they are perfect: blue, olive, and charcoal with wingtip details. They make me feel light-footed and zippy, especially compared to the boots I'm usually sporting this time of year.

What's shakin with you this week? Got any fun plans for V-day? Any fun OUTFITS?