Five Fly Fashion Blogs

Ahh, fashion blogs, how I love thee. There are so many smart, stylish, really really ridiculously good looking people in the world! Here are five that I really love. Grab a cup of tea and check them out!

Le Blog de Big Beauty

Stephanie is a model living in Paris, and her French language blog is full of gorgeous shots of her looking chic as all get out. I love seeing her elegant and creative outfits. This shift-based one is one of my favorites.

I also love that she doesn't talk about dressing to "camouflage her figure problems" or to "be flattering". She just wears crazy great outfits and works the camera and is her inherently foxy self. Show us how it's done, Stephanie!

And she designs clothes, including this insane black and white jacket that I need.

Fashion It So

When I first heard about this blog on The Hairpin, I squealed. It is a WHOLE BLOG dedicated to the wackadoo fashions of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

From Riker's deep v-pajamas to the startling variety of nutty jumpsuits, there is plenty to talk about. And that's before they even get to the aliens.

If I go to heaven when I die, it will surely look like the Starship Enterprise D. And I hope Anna and Charlie are there to have a Cardassian hot chocolate or something with me in Ten Forward, and talk smack with Guinan about Wesley's sweaters. Oh, and maybe Laxwana Troi can be there too?

<3 u, Fashion It So!

Already Pretty

Already Pretty covers the intersection of style and body image -- writer Sally McGraw posts outfit pics, styling ideas, and more philosophical pieces, too.

What I love about Sally is that she holds lots of space for all the contradictions that are inherent in being a modern, liberated woman who is into fashion.

For instance, in a recent post about the documentary "Miss Representation," she describes how the film made her question her life's work. How does dispensing style advice help women in a culture that assigns much of our value based on how we look?

"The point is not to feel beautiful. The point is to feel powerful, capable, invincible. The point is not to feel pretty. The point is that you’re already pretty, and once you’ve accepted that, you free up an enormous amount of mental space for other things."

Also, the, geek in me loves how she breaks style down in an analytical way -- it's almost like she's creating A Pattern Language for fashion. This recent post highlights a pattern that I use almost every day -- Long over Lean. I just never had a name for it before!

Worn Fashion Journal

Worn is a blog that goes with a Toronto-based magazine called Worn Fashion Journal, and it covers a wide variety of slightly nerdy fashion-related topics. I love how it blends cuteness and philosophy.

Recent posts have spotlighted recently departed costumer Eiko Ishioka, vintage ads for luxury goods, and a fashion studies graduate symposium at Ryerson University.

Oh, and jewelry made out of Barbie parts. Nice.

Fuck Yeah 60s Fashion

This is a Tumblr full of awesome 60s fashions that slay me. Yes, there are lots of shifts.

I love this blog because it captures so much diversity in what we think of as "The Sixties" ... there are some pretty incredible differences between what was the pinnacle of beauty in 1961 …

And in 1969 …

I love finding great new fashion blogs! What are some of your favorites?