Flannel 4 Lyfe

In the fall of 1991, I went with some friends to see the Chili Peppers and Smashing Pumpkins. An unknown band was playing first -- Pearl Jam -- and from the moment I laid ears on them, I was in love. Consequently, on most December 23rds, I host a birthday party for Eddie Vedder, PJ's warm-hearted and honey-voiced singer, because he is awesomeness personified. This year, I also made a flannel shift in his honor!! STOKED

I wore it with raspberry tights from ModCloth which are my new favorite tights -- very stretchy and warm and opaque -- and some rather ridiculous/amazing Blowfish shoes I got last week . I've been coveting them for months and spotted a good deal and pounced and now I get to be 6'3" whenever I want. No lie!!

Also in the mix are a vaguely Star Trek-y black cardigan I got from Torrid like 8 years ago, and a pair of giant silver granny square earrings from Etsy that make everyday life feel quite festive.

Then for Christmas, I got some false eyelashes! I want to wear them every day!

We are having a super lovely, relaxing, and colorful Christmastime around these parts -- hope you are, too. <3