Having Fun With Layers, or All Greens Are Friends

You know how you sometimes pick up little nuggets of wisdom and never forget them, even when you have no idea where they came from? For me, one of those nuggets is, "All shades of green look nice together."

Is this true? I think so. I love how the neutral charcoals in this outfit play with the bright turquoise tights, the olive dress, and the kelly green scarf. See the tiny mint green earrings too?

The white shoes are also making me irrationally happy. I tried to wear them sans socks over the summer, and that didn't work, but turns out they are super comfy with tights! And extra jaunty!

This winter more than any other, I am having a ball mixing up layers and colors. It makes getting dressed so much fun!

What have you been experimenting with lately? Sparkly tights? Big boots? Sweater vests with swingy skirts? Do tell!