Help Jane Style Her Jane

Cute dress alert! This is Jane, who lives outside of Atlanta and describes herself as warm-natured. A few months ago, she got this shift, also named Jane!

She emailed me a few weeks ago with these adorable pictures and mentioned that she was still contemplating how to layer and bejewel her shift. So I offered to find some options for her and see if you guys had any ideas, too.

Based on a few things Jane mentioned in her email, I started thinking about lightweight layers and cute yet comfy and casual shoes. I also felt like natural stone and wood jewelry would look great on her, with just a little leather and sparkle to lift the looks up.

So I went on Pinterest and Etsy and started picking stuff out (which is SUPER FUN BTW) and here's what I came up with. Click the image to see this board on Pinterest, where you can check these items out closer-up and visit the shops where I found them.

I love idea of this shift with a jean jacket, gray oxfords, and a lightweight scarf in a saturated color. Or, to dress it up a little, a soft wine cardigan, a buttery leather belt, and some shimmery flats. Or with the tweedy blazer and those boots!? So many cute options. And I love the natural jewelry with this color palette.

What do you guys think? Any ideas to help Jane style her Jane?

(And if you need some suggestions for styling any of your Wear the Shift garments, drop me a line via the Contact form.)