Fri-DIY-Day: Tiny Bows on Everything!

If you sew, you have fabric scraps. Perhaps lots and lots of them. I'm gonna show you some ways to use them up and cutify your world at the same time.

Today: tiny bows! I love these little guys because they are super easy, extremely cute, and can be used in about a million different ways -- headbands, gift wrapping, garlands, pins ... Pick a couple of fun scraps out of your bin and let's get started.

All You Need Is

  • Scraps -- mid or heavy weight knit fabrics work best, otherwise the bow will just flop around
  • A needle
  • Some thread
  • Scissors
  • Something round to use as a template


1. Start by folding your fabric in half. Place your template on top and trace the size of the circle you want to make -- mine are about 4 inches, but play with smaller and bigger circles and see what you like best.

2. Cut out your circles. (I tried doing mine with a rotary cutter and almost lost a finger -- scissors definitely work better here).

3. Thread your needle, and tie a knot at the end of the thread, leaving a tail several inches long after the knot so you can tie it to the other end of the thread once you're done sewing. Set aside.

4. Take one circle and, starting near the center, start accordion folding it. Continue until you've got the whole piece pinched between your fingers.

5. Hold on to the pleats with one hand, and put the needle through all of the folds with the other. Keep holding on or else your pleats will fall out and you'll get VERY ANGRY. (Or maybe that's just me.)

6. Sew back and forth through all the layers 8 or 10 times. If you see that the bow is looking off-center, just take another stitch on the other side to even it out. You want to have 1/2" to 3/4" sewn together so that the sides of the bow can puff out equally on both sides.

7. Take your last stitch so that the needle comes out the first side you came in. Tie the thread in the needle tightly to the tail you left behind the knot. Trim the ends.

That is it! Your tiny bow is complete and adorable!

What You Can Do With Them

Wrap an elastic pigtail holder around the middle of the bow and slide it onto a headband. You can position it wherever you like (I like mine just above my ear). You could even go crazy and put bows all the way across!

Tie the middle with some yarn, and wrap a present with it. Pro tip: No need for wrapping paper if you have a plain box and you tie a cute bow or two on it!

Tie several together and make a little garland. I am totally going to put these on my aluminum Christmas tree this year.

Other ideas not pictured: Bang on a hook and use as a Christmas ornament. Pin to your cardigan or clutch. Pin to a velvet ribbon and wear as a choker or a bracelet. Make a bunch and use them to adorn your curtains, or put them in a bowl. You can basically use them to add a touch of handmade cuteness to just about anything. AND you're cleaning out that scrap bin. Good times all around.

Thanks for reading and have fun crafting this weekend!