Charlie Brown Goes Shopping: A Tiny Rant

I swear, sometimes when I go shopping I feel like Charlie Brown. I see racks and racks of bright colorful garments hanging there cheerfully, and like a baby magpie I am drawn to touch them, admire them, hunt them and gather them. And I'm always so excited! Cause look at the pretty pretty things!! PRETTY!

Then I get to the dressing room and strip down to try everything on and not. one. item. fits. Womp womp. You're Such A Fat Loser, Charlie Brown! Hahahaha!

Why don't clothes fit me? I don't know. I look pretty normal I think ... at least, I'm not a 3-headed alien. I'm just a size 16 girl with a wider than average waistline. You wouldn't think to look at me that I'd be such a freak of nature that literally 99% of what I tries on looks like ASS ... and not fine ass, either -- ASS ASS.

But apparently an unclothable freak is exactly what I am. Or at least I'm meant to FEEL like that, and then I'm meant to shamefully buy whatever will cover my fatness and be grateful for the chance to do so.

This is such utter bullshit that it makes my head hurt. You've seen my picture -- I am cute as hell! And I bet you are, too! There is no reason for us to settle for gross clothes, or to feel ashamed for even a second if the ones we want don't fit us.

The fashion industry has hoodwinked us in a most alarming way. THEY are the ones who make shitty clothes that fit only the tiniest range of human proportions, and yet WE are the ones who feel bad about it.


I dearly love clothes but am sick to death of the fashion industry.

You too? Great! Come sit by me ... let's talk about a better way to do things.

(Thanks to Dalvenjah for the photo!)