Fall Fashion Trends, 1955, pt 2

Let's hop back in our DeLorean and wrap up the 1955 Fall fashion trends from the New York Times Magazine. Check out Part 1 here.

Slinky Gowns
Oh, I wish I had somewhere to wear that 1955 dress in silk or wool crepe. Mmm...delicious. But, sadly, my life plays host to shockingly few gown-wearing opportunities. C'est la vie. This custom maxi dress on Etsy, however, would get worn to death. Just do me a favor — if you're a redhead like the model, think twice about that purple. (It's available in a couple dozen colors.)

Fur Hats
Squee! Totally fab. This pillbox hat wants to be yours. Wear it with MAC's Retro lipstick. I will envy your fabulousness.
Sparkle and Gleam
I am a magpie. As such, to keep myself in check, I am constantly reminding myself that less is ususally more. So, rather than an all-out sequin bomb this fall, keep your sparkle understated with a pair of gorgeous rhinestone earrings made with vintage crystals. (Or, you could indulge your inner magpie with the Hard Rock Candy shift....)
Casual Furs
I have a love-hate relationship with faux fur. It's divine when done well, but that so rarely happens. This stylish blue fur jacket is trim and fitted enough to avoid that "I skinned a muppet for this" look. And that, to me, is the number one priority in wearing faux fur.
Easy Waisted Dress
Hmmm ... where could you get one THOSE?

Seriously folks, what clothes are you excited to dig out of storage? I'm SO HAPPY to have my boots back!