Fall Fashion Trends, 1955, pt 1

A month or so ago, Madge and I were browsing at Creative Reuse and came across these great old volumes of magazines, discards from the University of Pittsburgh Library. Of course, we love the vintage fashions, so I snatched some up, thinking it might be fun to go back to 1955 and see what was fly in the time of McFly. Here's what the New York Times Magazine says the fashionable set will be donning come Autumn, along with some modern alternatives.  

The Return of the Stole
Can we agree that stoles are a bit too fussy to be practical? Sure, it LOOKS good, but here in the real world, I feel like I'm bound to trip on an end, drop all my bags most comically, and land in a muddy puddle. (Just me?) For ladies more confident in their ability to walk, a modern option: this lovely, drapey rayon shawl from Ten Thousand Villages.

Fur Trimming
Nothing says both vintage glamour and snuggly warmth like a faux fur collar. How about one in a fun color from etsy? Wear it over a cardigan or a twee tee and be impossibly adorable. 

Box Pleats
Box pleats are really great — you get ease of movement and you don't look like a total puffball. But I don't see many modern box-pleated options out there, at least not good eco-friendly ones in a variety of sizes. So instead, I offer you this adorable vintage wool skirt, and will let the more petite amongst you fight over it.

Big Sleeves
No modern alternative here because I am seriously not feeling the outsized houndstooth appendages. Sorry, 1955.

Focus on the Hips
As a relatively squarely-shaped person, I'm all for this! How about this drop-waist knit dress on etsy?

Coats! Jackets! Tunic Length, Double Breasted, and Bell Shaped
Kill two birds with one stone and splurge on this gorgeous custom double breasted (and bell shaped!) Melton wool coat. Not in your budget? Mine, either. But I can dream, no?

What do you think, will you be adding any of these old-fashioned trends to your Fall wardrobe? Do you like big sleeves? And stay tuned, there's a part 2 to follow.