Last Day At Gypsy Café

Eight years ago on an April afternoon, my brother Jim and his soon-to-be wife Melanie opened up a restaurant on the South Side. Gypsy Café has been a beloved part of the neighborhood ever since, serving up delicious food, warm hospitality, and the-owner-totally-remembers-your-name realness. Sunday was Gypsy's last day and we went down for one last, awesome Geek Brunch. Each Sunday, Jim would sit down and, considering the most pressing geek issues of the day, compose a hilarious and fact-filled menu that was almost as fun to read as the food was to eat!

I had my favorite dish -- Eggs Thor-entine -- while Skyler, Rich, and Brian all had the Breakfast Bowl. (Rich is making a Failure Pile in a Sadness Bowl face. We thought Jim would appreciate that.)

Here's Matt with a spicy, delicious bloody mary with more than 2 olives!

How lucky am I to get to eat brunch with so many handsome men! In a new shift to boot!

With an awesome back!

And polka dotted sunglasses!

Mostly I was just glad to send Gypsy off in a happy way on a lovely day. Jim and Mel, you guys created such a great thing with Gypsy, and I know that all of us who loved the place wish you nothing but the best times as you get started on the next chapter! It's going to be great!