Fri-DIY-Day: Get Inspired At Creative Reuse Pittsburgh

There is a lot of stuff in the world! And way too much of it ends up in the garbage when it could be put to good use. Creative Reuse Pittsburgh is an amazing place that brings order to the chaos of random stuff, thereby helping folks see the possibilities and potential left in it.

The hunter-gatherer in me goes nuts for this place! Each time I visit to make a drop-off of fabric scraps, I end up spending at least an hour looking around, and I always leave so inspired! This time I found a double-knit poly that is the exact same as my favorite childhood dress!! MINE!

It is truly a crafter's paradise, and you should totally look here before hitting up the dreaded Joanne's or Michael's.

Here's a few things that grabbed my attention on this latest visit. Totally different things will grab your attention -- that is the beauty of it!

Sewing patterns and crafting books out the yin yang! Seriously huge selection.

Books with bugs and frogs for your collaging pleasure.

Fabric and yarn and fluorescent pom-pom trim!

And a forest of trophies! Someone needs to make a stop-motion animation with some of these ...

There is sooo much more -- check out CRP's Facebook page to see. The "Button Fetish" album is particularly fine!