In Springtime, The Only Pretty Ring Time

Wow, you guys. Pittsburgh has gone from cold as hell to full on spring in the space of about a week. Check out what I was wearing 2 Mondays ago compared to now! Craziness.

The other night, my beloved and I went out to Teppanyaki Kyoto with a couple of our friends, and WOW! It's absolutely delicious. They just opened, and right now it's reservation-only, so call ahead and definitely try the Hiroshima Yaki!

Anyhow, this is what I wore to eat all that yummy food: an Atomic Argyle shift (got enough left for a skirt if you like it!), some black jeggings, a satin blazer, and my red Camper boots. And I have a tiny bit of turquoise sock peeking out there, too, and a way-too-big ring, both of which make me irrationally pleased. :)

I'm getting out my springtime shifts this week! And we started planting lettuces! And there are daffodils! And trees are starting to explode into all kinds of crazy colors!! Ahhhhh so happy!!