Kar Hing And I

Saturday night, we went out to dinner to celebrate my friend Rene's birthday. She chose the place -- Kar Hing in Chalfont, which I had never heard of -- and it was dee-licious. And adorable.

Our dinner was absolutely stellar, some of the best American-style Chinese food I've ever had. My favorite was the Special Wonton Soup for 2, full of crisp tender veggies, fresh chewy wontons, and chunks of chicken and pork in a rich tasty broth.

I forgot to take pictures of our food -- bad blogger! -- but I did remember to get a pic of my outfit. Priorities!

Yes, I'm wearing the Blowfish shoes again. I am obsessed. That's also a Sweet Tooth skirt, some purple tights, and a black tunic I got at Costco (!!) years ago. And giant sparkly clip-on earrings which you can kind of see here.

How's life? Wear anything fun lately?