Fri-DIY-day: Schoolgirl Tie!

Many years ago, I was in a band with my good friend Rene who plays drums like a demon! One Halloween -- it must've been circa 2003 cause we were really into Kill Bill -- we played a show and dressed up like Gogo Yubari and the Crazy 88. I skipped the whole blood streaming out of my tear ducts thing, but I did acquire a schoolgirl tie, and ever since I've found myself wearing it quite a lot. It adds that touch of tough cuteness that I am all about. I wanted some colorful ones, but I've only ever seen black in stores -- DIY to the rescute! I'm sooo excited about how these turned out and have been wearing one almost every day. Here's how you can make your own!

What You Need

* Some fabric -- you need 4 pieces that are each about 5" wide and 12" long

* Some snaps -- I used these, which require just a hammer and a spool of thread to apply

* A loop turner, or a crochet hook, or a piece of wire -- basically something long and skinny that you can grab a bit of fabric with to turn your tube right-side out

* Your normal sewing stuff (scissors, thread, machine, etc.)

What You Do

1. Measure around your neck and decide how long you want your tie to be. The pattern here works great for me and you end up with a tie that is around 24" long. Download the pattern and adjust according to what you want.

2. Fold your fabric in half and cut 2 sets of the arrow shape. Cut one set with the skinny ends somewhat tapered.

3. Pin right sides together and sew, leaving the narrow edge and one of the wide edges open for turning. This picture shows which seams you should sew. Use a 1/2" seam allowance.

4. Do you have a loop turner? If not you should get one! A crochet hook or a bent piece of wire can work as well. Go in the wide edge and snag the skinny edge, then pull it through.

5. Iron the heck out of your now right-side-out pieces to flatten them out.

6. Now we're going to put the two halves together. Start by turning in the little edge of your non-tapered piece 1/2". Slide the tapered edge into the tube. Pin and sew.

7. Turn in the wide edge of the arrowhead that you left open on each side. Pin it shut.

8. Top stitch all the way around the tie, catching the edges on the open edges to close them.

9. Time to attach your snaps. Put the tie around your neck and decide where you want them, then apply according to package instructions. Mine allowed me to get out a little frustration!

10. Put on your tie and go look at how freakin cute you are.

Happy Fri-DIY-day! Don't play with maces! Madge