Cute Dress Alert! Julie from Philly

So, I sent out the first batch of custom beta patterns on a Saturday, and by the following weekend I had these amazing photos from Julie from Philadelphia, who is apparently as speedy as she is adorable. :)

My heart leapt out of my chest when I saw her looking sooooo great in her beautifully made dress! It looks both cute and polished, and I think she could wear this just about anywhere from a family dinner to work to drinks on the town, right? And be, like, the sweetest looking lass in any of those rooms?

Julie, thank you SO MUCH for sewing fast, sending pictures, and giving me such awesome feedback on your pattern. I can't wait to see your next shift!

For those of you who have put your measurements in, your pattern will be in the mail this week ... and for those of you who want to purchase your very own custom pattern, I'll be putting them in the shop very soon! Give thanks!!