Sunshine and a Peak Experience

Man, it has been absolutely GORGEOUS in Pittsburgh for about the last 2 weeks -- sunny and 60 degrees almost every day. I'm sucking up as much sunshine as I can now, because we will descend into 5 months of grayness any minute now. In the meantime ...

This is my newest shift, Peak Experience. I made it while writing the instructions for sewing your own shift and have been wearing it a lot lately -- it's a nice weight and the color is making me happy, especially paired with warm brights like this coral jacket and bright green scarf.

The jeggings and brown boots are seeing a lot of play this fall, too, as are the earrings I have on. I got them from a lovely Etsy shop about a month ago and have worn them at least half of all days since they arrived.

Sunshine, bright colors, and sparkly things. So far November has been rad. How's your autumn-time going? Can you even believe that Christmas is like 7 weeks away?