Way Too Excited About New Shoes

After a glorious week of Indian Summer, fall is now officially happening ... and it's the gray, drizzly variety. Seems like the leaves changed colors one day and fell down the next! I woke up determined to battle the entropy with NEW (to me) SHOES and built a (slightly insane) outfit around them.

So I got these beauties a few weeks ago on a super-quick trip to New York to see Elvis Costello, who was great! Found them at the Buffalo Exchange in Williamsburg, and, yes, they are practically brand new Fluevogs. For $30. Which is like 90% off the original price! I actually did a little wiggle dance in the store when I saw them, and the shopboy joined me in my glee. Right place, right time, high five.

Here's a closeup. I love them with the purple tights! And I now have a new answer to the question "What goes with everything?"

Have you landed any major secondhand scores lately? Do tell!