What Should We Make Next?

Hi folks! My wardrobe staples are skirts and tank tops (and cardigans & jackets when it’s cold). Easy peasy, done. So, I’ve been working on a couple of these staple items for Wear the Shift, and we are trying to decide which to pursue next.

Our process generally works like this:

  1. I make something cool for myself.
  2. Madge says, "Want."
  3. I figure out how to make one for her.
  4. We collaborate on the techy/mathy side and come up with a pattern generation algorithm that works for both of us.
  5. We rope in our friends and make them stuff to test and perfect the algorithm. The goal is to ensure that it works for a bunch of differently shaped folks.
  6. When things are fitting well, we launch a beta test to work out even more kinks.

Right now, these 3 pieces are hovering between steps 1 & 3. It takes a good amount of time and resources to get them to the beta phase, so we need to choose one to move forward with first. Can you help?

Check out the choices and vote at the bottom!

We anticipate offering each of these options in both vintage and eco-friendly fabrics, and at a variety of price points, so let us know if there are any features you'd like to see in the comments.

The Skirt

Try to ignore for a moment how short this skirt is, because we'd offer this style in a variety of lengths. We think this style is great for just about every body. Zippered, woven A-line skirt with retro-modern crescent patch pockets and a pair of adorable booty pleats. Anticipated price range: $89-159.

The Blouse

This is an easy-to-wear loose-fitting tank top with cute neckline pleats and gentle waist shaping. I love pairing neutral bottoms with a print top...and topping it with a colorful cardigan. It's a super easy way to look colorful and pulled together. (Okay, my coral skirt may stretch your definition of neutral). Anticipated price range: $49-99.

The Tap Pant

These are so wonderful under skirts (slippery vintage nylon keeps your tights from grabbing your skirt). And as sleepwear. And these would be *fantastic* in a wool-cotton blend or thermal cotton for keeping warm in the fall/winter. Anticipated price range: $39-59.

Please vote! And we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

xo, Kelly