Before and After

It's hard to believe that it's been half a year since we first put Wear the Shift out there into the world. We have come such a long way! Today we'd like to show you the progress we've made in our pattern algorithm. Here's a before and after of my very lovely mom, Kris:

On the left is one of our early beta dresses, and on the right is a dress produced just a few weeks ago. My mom looks kinda gorgeous in everything she puts on, but it's obvious that dress on the right has a much better fit. What's changed?

  • Side Shaping We've started shaping closer to the body on the sides through the bust and waist, to give a more fitted profile.
  • Lowered Neckline We like to see your décolletage. We don't know you? We don't care...we still like it. It's pretty and it opens up your face.
  • Narrowed Shoulder Straps This helps keep the dress modern.
  • Enhanced A-line Isn't an A-line the cutest? We're going a little wider with our As nowadays.
  • Back Darts Most recently, we've started adding back darts, which help define the waist and booty, especially for you hourglass-y girls.

Altogether, I'm really proud of where our pattern is, and thankful for the support and feedback of our beta testers for helping us arrive at the fit we're currently achieving.