New dresses! For $99! O happy day!

We scored some amazing deals on fabric over the last week or so, and so today we are pleased to present our first collection of $99 dresses!

Rad Plaid is a bright beautiful double-knit poly that looks amazing against pale/pink complexions. If you are the Jo March/goofy schoolgirl type, or if you are (like Madge) a cobalt blue-aholic, jump on this one immediately.
Camelia is Beth to Rad Plaid's Jo – quietly intelligent, subdued, hard-working. Soft taupe and baby blue diamonds form a pretty-yet-neutral print that will work with tons of other items in your wardrobe.
Roll the Dice is what Amy March would wear if she were time-travelling to Vegas. Modern, fun, and totally wearable, this double-knit will take you through every part of your life – from visiting your aunt in Europe to burning your sister's unfinished novel – in an artsy and stylish way.
Iris is Meg, through and through: beautiful, feminine, and practical. This hemp/silk blend was hand-dyed (by Kelly!) and has a soft sheen. We love this fabric and plan to make more of it available in more colors in the near future. (Speaking of which, what colors would you like to see? Deep red? Saturated teal? Bright blue?). This fabric costs a pretty penny, so we can't sustain this price forever...grab it now for a song!

We also marked down a few other fabrics to make room for new ones. So today is the day to stock up!