New Fabrics for the Beta Test Home Stretch

Well, we've got just another week or so in beta, so this will most likely be our last update of fabrics before we go live for everyone! We are thinking of spring with this batch ...

Ciel is a dreamy sky-blue double-knit poly. It's medium weight, and has a basketweave texture, which makes a solid color knit much more interesting to wear. The texture also gives the fabric a nice body, so the shift will hold its shape when it's on you. The color is fun and versatile -- imagine it with a red cardigan or a purple blazer or gray tights.
Look Around You is a mid-weight cotton woven in a modern navy, white, and red print of circles filled with parts of circles. Is it just me, or does this remind you of owl eyes? Anyway, the cotton is nice and soft and not clingy, so it'll be nice for warm weather.
Punk As Heck is a lightweight knit poly that screams both prepster and punk. Purple and brown tweed patterns are blown out of proportion, ripped apart, and jammed back together in a new, more crazy/awesome pattern that could go upscale or wild, depending on your accessories. Have you ever seen anything like it? Me neither!
Gwen is a soft mid-weight cotton with sprays of orange, white, and periwinkle blossoms on a spring green background. The colors are lovely, and the fabric is super comfy to wear. Bees will buzz around you all summer!
Frequency is mental and I LOVE IT! This light to medium weight polyester blend has giant squiggles on it -- lime, olive, and kelly green -- that travel on a diagonal line. In addition to being insane, this kind of pattern is insanely flattering, especially to folks like me who aren't super hour-glassy.
Zig is a medium weight polyester knit, with zig zags of navy, yellow, and red running up and down it. It's a smaller scale pattern, great for shorter folks, and neutral enough even in its zagginess to be worn a lot. Accessorize with red wedges and a turquoise cardy, or flip flops and a corn dog.