Tips on choosing your fabric

We try to describe our fabrics well, but anyone who's bought textiles online knows that it's hard to look at pictures on a screen and understand the way a fabric feels and how it will drape. In making dozens of shifts over the last several months, we've learned a bit about which kind of fabrics make which kinds of shifts. None of our advice is hard and fast -- order what you love! -- just intended to give you more information to make your decision.

In general, a stiffer/heavier/more textured fabric results in a dress that holds its own shape better. As an apple shaped lady, I prefer these fabrics -- weighty knits, cotton canvas, blends with a bit of texture -- because they highlight the overall shape of my body without broadcasting the detail of every curve.

Midweight and lightweight cottons can work quite well, too, because they are crisp enough to keep their shape. You can iron and even starch them if you want.

Drapey lightweight knits are clingier, which doesn't work as well for me. But they work great for those with more junk in the trunk as the knit drapes to, then falls prettily from, the largest part of your body.

Again, take this or leave this. Any fabric you order will fit you and be cute -- we just want to give you all info we have to help you decide.

Happy hunting!