My Facebook Post Went Viral and All I Got Were These Lousy Australian Witches Threatening to Hex Me

Been a pretty crazy week round here at Be Less Crazy HQ and YOU KNOW HOW I HATE THAT SHIT!

It started innocently enough. I wrote this post on my Facebook page on Monday, just before 3 pm Mountain time:


Little did I know how my carelessly tossed-off and honestly not-that-well-written little post would strike a chord! By my best estimates now, it's been shared more than 100,000 times on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and Lord knows where else.

Most of the responses were positive -- after all, people don't tend to share posts unless they are in agreement. I did get some pushback, to be expected, that fell into the following camps for the most part.

  • This isn't about gender. Spacey faced consequences because he owned up to it and apologized (um, no he didn't -- he invoked the Erkel defense: "Did I do that?")
  • You are pitting male victims of sexual assault against female victims of sexual assault (um, no -- unless you have poor reading comprehension skills)
  • You are a cunt who plagiarized your post from this OTHER post and I AM GOING TO HEX YOU

Hahaha! No, seriously! I'm not kidding! Apparently an Australian woman posted something with a similar sentiment in her own group, which I'm not a member of, then got it published in the Sydney Morning Herald. AFTER her post was published by the SMH (haha, perfect acronym in this case, no?) she then saw my post being shared around, and got mad about it.

So she posted to her community of 20,000-some alleged "feminist witches" and conjured among them the desire for an ACTUAL WITCH HUNT. Of me. A person who does not know or read her. For writing a 100 word post on Facebook. 

Only thing is, she was wrong. In many, many ways:

  • First, I could not have copied her, because both of her posts -- the one in her group and the one in the SMH -- came out AFTER mine did. And I am pretty awesome, it's true, but I'm not quite so proficient of a witch to be able to time travel ... not yet anyway.
  • Second, though we expressed a similar sentiment, my language shared nothing with hers other than the mention of several famous sexual assaulters (Spacey, Weinstein, Cosby, Trump).
  • Third, I got literally no benefit from this post going viral. All I DID get were a lot of random criticisms and accusations, which I'd be glad to share with this other writer if she really wants them.
  • Fourth, she never stopped to consider the SUPERTHICK IRONY of NOT BELIEVING A WOMAN on a post that was all about WHAT IF WE BELIEVED WOMEN? 
  • Fifth, she's bad at math and delusional and it's not my fault I came up with a pithier and easier-to-share post on this topic than she did. 

I'm not linking to her, because FUCK HER. But I do have the receipts. She lied about me, and I'm not having it, and I hope she dies mad about it. And her little dog, too! 

Moral of the story kids -- going viral is not all it's cracked up to be! The only thing I got out of it is an even deeper appreciation for the fact that I am part of a badass community of fierce women who stood up for me as all this ridiculous shit went down.