A Year and A Day

One year and one day ago, I got married to this wonderful person.

And now that I sit and have a think about the last year, I realize that Year One of our marriage has been kind of bananas. Here’s the highlight reel:

  • Got married!!
  • Went on a Costa Rican adventure for a month
  • Started a new job the next day
  • Dislocated my shoulder! Sling, physical therapy, the whole shebang
  • My grandma fell and broke her hip and ended up in ICU for a few nights, then a nursing home
  • Visited grandma in nursing home every other day, and tried not to go crazy from how depressing it was
  • Suffered from some fairly debilitating and terrifying attacks of vertigo
  • Husband lost his job
  • After months of trying, we finally sold our house in the ghetto (in the ghett-toooo)
  • Got a promotion at work and went to Brazil to start new project
  • While I was gone, lost my sweet grandma
  • Came back, cleaned out her apartment, and tried not to be too sad because she had a pretty great and long life full of love and laughter (but was still pretty sad)
  • Husband found a new, better job
  • Moved to new place, and while moving sucks, apartment is perfect.

Soooo yeah … Year One of our marriage has been EVENTFUL AS HELL. It’s also been extra validation that I was 1000% right to throw my lot in with my guy. Because no matter what craziness goes on, we seem to make a pretty righteous team, like the time that we built this Snotoro (OK, he mostly built it).

Anyway, I know that life will be back to smack us upside the head sooner or later … but for now we are relishing the boring. Reading, puttering, staring out the window, and every so often grinning at each other for no reason, and all the reasons, at the same time.

Happy anniversary, my love. Thanks for always helping me be less crazy. <3