Two Things I Recently Learned Which Made My Life A Little Less Crazy

1.  Use a brush to clean a colander / strainer / sieve, not a sponge. Because the bristles go in the little holes and poke out all the crud! When I think of the dozens of minutes of my life wasted for lack of this knowledge, my heart aches (just a little).

2.  Feeling stressed out doesn't mean that my life is shit, or I'm a mess, or I'm specially doomed or something. It just means I have action chemicals building up in me and I need to work them out. So lately, instead of doing my normal stress things -- eating, watching TV, drinking wine -- I've been attempting to get up and break a sweat. I am kind of astounded at how well it works.

Could I / should I have learned these things before age forty? Possibly, but at least I know them now.

What about you -- picked up any useful tidbits recently? Oh, how I love a good useful tidbit!