Welcome to my blog! I’m Megan (aka Madge) and what I like to write about is 

  • the bullshit we have been taught so thoroughly that we sometimes can't even see it anymore

  • how that bullshit can screw things up for us and others

  • what we can do about it

Because, as we all know, we have been taught some damn nonsense by our culture. SUCH AS AND INCLUDING

  • that having a beautiful body and getting a man are pretty much the most important things for women to do

  • that white people deserve everything good and who cares about anyone else

  • that dudes are better, more trustworthy, funnier, smarter, and/or more rational than women

Clearly all of this is BULLSHIT, and when we say it explicitly, we all KNOW it's bullshit.

But these notions and biases live in a part of us that is deeper than reason, deeper even than language, so deep that many times we cannot even see them. We just find ourselves acting some kinda way and not understanding why.

This is the moment when you become unrecognizable to yourself — when you find yourself weeping about the stretch marks on your arms or making compromises in your relationship you swore you'd never make or falling in line with the humor of the people around you, even if it makes you feel a little ill.

In these moments, our base-level conditioning takes us over like a giant robot, operating us from the inside out, while the smart parts of our brains sit there going "wait, WHAT is happening right now?" 

This blog is all about identifying those moments, looking at the conditioning that's driving them, and explicitly choosing a different thought, a different behavior, one that is not just an inherited habit playing itself out. 

It's not the simplest or easiest thing to do, but when we move beyond our unconscious habits of thought and behavior, we gain a whole new ability to reshape our lives to be closer to what we want them to be. And in doing so, we also reshape the world.